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360° Webstore

360° Webstore is the next logical step for any retailer wanting to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.  It provides retailers with the ability to have a 24/7 sales operation without incurring the overheads of having staff available in a brick and mortar location.  Customers can enjoy an enhanced shopping experience with multimedia content and detailed product information from any location.  Multiple shipping and payment options provide choice and flexibility.

The Serious About Retail Webstore is fully integrated with the Serious About Retail Back Office ensuring seamless synchronisation with the physical retail operation while simplifying web catalogue maintenance.

The Webstore can also be implemented as a stand-alone store for customers who exclusively need a web based presence, be it for the purpose of retail sales transactions or purely to provide a point of presence and product display area.  The Webstore features a full blown content management system enabling customers to build their entire website around it.

We provide fully hosted Webstores, allowing you to have a fully fledged webstore without the costs associated with having your own web server and IT resources.


  • Fully integrated with 360° Retail
  • Operates as another store in the enterprise
  • Hosted solution
  • Stock can be used from a dedicated warehouse or from an existing store warehouse
  • Specials and promotions are supported
  • Multiple images, rich text descriptions and embedded multimedia content can be used to maximise visual impact when presenting products to customers
  • Unlimited number of Categories
  • Unlimited number of Items
  • Items can be featured in multiple categories
  • Full shopping cart functionality
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple delivery options with automatic volumetric weight based delivery cost calculation

360° Webstore Features List

The following brief list highlights a few of the features of our 360° Webstore:

  • Webstore template customisation to fit corporate image.
  • Unlimited categories & subcategory levels.
    • Customisable category display – Configurable number of columns or display category items in a grid.
    • Items can be featured in multiple categories.
  • Customisable Main Menu.
  • Display banners.
    • Multiple banners per page.
    • Banners can be re-used on multiple pages.
  • Search function.
  • Recently viewed products listing.
  • In/Out of stock indicator.
  • Special pricing indicator.
  • Delivery management.
    • Multiple user definable delivery methods.
    • Multiple delivery cost calculation options.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Content management system for developing custom content.
    • Full website can be built using the Webstore.
    • Built in HTML editor for editing content as well as products & categories.
  • Colour/size matrix.
    • Product images per colour/size.
    • Easy ordering using visual matrix.
  • Multimedia links on product pages.
  • Customisable web forms (Contact Us, Customer Feedback, etc.)
  • Multiple configurable customer payment options.
    • Payfast/Setcom payment provider integration for credit/debit card payments.
    • Integration to additional payment providers can be done on request.
    • In-store payments when used in conjunction with 360° Retail POS.
    • EFT
    • C.O.D.
  • Email Notifications
    • Template driven.
    • To customers.
    • To users
  • Fully integrated with CISTECH’s 360° Retail POS and Back Office.
    • Enables centralised product/category/delivery maintenance using a Windows based application with built in HTML editor.
    • Automated webstore updates.
    • Webstore product information and images are used in the 360° Retail POS.
    • Orders can be placed in the Webstore and finalised in store using the 360° Retail POS.
  • Customer portal.
    • Maintain personal and address details.
      • Unlimited addresses per customer.
    • View Webstore Orders.
    • View Vouchers.
    • Maintain Password.
  • Fully hosted solution.
  • SSL certification can be done at an extra cost.