Let your software tell you

If there is a problem...

Because you shouldn't be its babysitter

360° Monitor

360° Monitor is a very powerful newcomer to the 360° Suite, vastly simplifying the day to day management of a complex software system through its unique set of features.

Being browser based, it allows access to all of its functionality from anywhere, on your device of choice.

Its main function is monitoring communication and integration status across the enterprise, alerting relevant people of interruptions through push notifications, also available on mobile devices. This frees up your resources to focus on other areas, instead of constantly monitoring systems. In case you want to do a manual check, the easy to interpret visual display gives you a full hierarchical overview at a glance, and detailed information at the click of a mouse.

360° Monitor is also a system upgrade platform that makes deployment of software updates a breeze. It automates the upgrade process and provides centralised status monitoring. Its fire and forget approach means that once the upgrade package has been configured and uploaded, human intervention is only required in the rare case of an exception occuring.

360° Monitor Elements
Store Communication Status Overview
Multisite Detailed Information
DataX Detailed Information